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Blaise Cayol perpetuates the tradition of wicker basket weaving that almost disappeared in France after WWII. Gathering different types of willow and other local plants, he weaves baskets intended for daily use as well as for decoration. Encouraged by relatives and friends who remembered the beauty of baskets from the past, he travelled throughout his own country to study and learn different techniques.

His wife helps him collect the materials and make the baskets. For him, plaiting and weaving is the perfect opportunity to link craft excellence to a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to times before pottery.

Through his work, Blaise pursues a contemporary form of expression with the goal of sparking our emotions by weaving natural materials.

For the past 20 years, his personal, self-taught training in plaiting and weaving has given him broad possibilities :

• basketry as a craft.

• the application of weaving techniques to gardens and landscaping.

• workshops: Blaise conducts weaving classes in France, Italy and New Mexico (during the IFAM).

• he is involved in many aspects of the art world: environmental installations for special events, commissions from other artists; some more personal works are inspired by petroglyphs from European Alpine rocks and the American Southwest.

He has a passion for prehistoric art and primitive cultures. He also has a preference for using natural  materials like wood, wicker, mud and stone to express himself. He designs objects that frequently refer to man’s primary needs, with a particular focus on the anthropology of the man-nature relationship.


Celui qui tresse lives in Tavel (France), located between Avignon and Uzès. He works and practices his craft throughout France, Europe and North America.

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